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Place In The Sun by Buckcherry
Time Bomb lyrics Song: Place In The Sun
Artist: Buckcherry
Album: Time Bomb (2001)
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The rain keeps falling down shelter me I'm wet, sacred heart is burning there's a princess in my arms
I don't want to waste away tonight a starlight face a party, like some time to figure out a link to your eyes and to your mind
I wanna be alone this evening too much to hide don't want the world to see me, wait till I'm whole and find a place in the sun, and never pick up the phone
My friend keeps stalling he is restless he is scared, lonely heart is turning smell the sweetness in the air


Copyright: [Unknown]
Writer(s): [Unknown]

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Home > Buckcherry > Place In The Sun

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Time Bomb lyrics Artist: Buckcherry
Album: Time Bomb
Release: (2001)

  Place In The Sun