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Without You by Buckcherry
Time Bomb lyrics Song: Without You
Artist: Buckcherry
Album: Time Bomb (2001)
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Talk to me tonight,
Is everything alright?
Help me understand you.

You go out with your friends,
And talk to other men,
And our love life is a wasteland.

And with the change a new test of faith,
To help us through tomorrow,
A condition of the love we made.

Cause things won't change without you
Forfeit the lies that made you
Wanna dance with the lions and change things
But I can't do it without you, you.

You told me I'm the one,
And now you're out alone.
In your eyes it's hard to find you

If we could take some time
And cut out all the lies,
I'd find a heart more stable


So take it easy girl,
You're falling through the night.
Your mona lisa eyes will comfort me the rest of my life

[Chorus x2]

When love has hit your eyes,
I'll never say goodbye
We stand alone tonight,
Without you, without you.

Oh, you, you, you, oh, without you, without you.
Copyright: [Unknown]
Writer(s): [Unknown]

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Time Bomb lyrics Artist: Buckcherry
Album: Time Bomb
Release: (2001)

  Without You