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Jagadamba, You Might by First Aid Kit

Drunken Trees lyrics Jagadamba, You Might
Artist: First Aid Kit
EP: Drunken Trees (2009)

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Lyrics for Jagadamba, You Might by First Aid Kit

I see the animals run past me
You know me better than the wind
Let me open the door for you
You might see the sun
Your little mama and your papa
They'll sing lullabies for you.

And the seals are singing jagadamba
Coconut trees are swinging jagadamba.

The reasons for this fight's forgiven
Yet we still don't want to lose
But, kid, don't tell me that you're frightened
This war begun long before you were born.

And the gods are denying jagadamba
When the wind's not lying jagadamba.

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Home > First Aid Kit > Jagadamba, You Might

This song is part of album 'Drunken Trees'
Drunken Trees lyrics EP: Drunken Trees
Artist: First Aid Kit
Release: (2009)
  Jagadamba, You Might

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