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Little Moon by First Aid Kit

Drunken Trees lyrics Little Moon
Artist: First Aid Kit
EP: Drunken Trees (2009)


Lyrics for Little Moon by First Aid Kit

Birds are leaving over here
I saw them sail away
They looked just like saints
Little one.

I heard myself whisper your name
I was asleep in a dream
Then you woke me up
Little sun.

The way you look at me know
These lights that used to shine
I've been blowing them out
Little one.

Well I remember those few nights
When the sky it stared right back at us
Felt so small standing next to you
Little moon.

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This song is part of album 'Drunken Trees'
Drunken Trees lyrics EP: Drunken Trees
Artist: First Aid Kit
Release: (2009)
  Little Moon

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