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You're Not Coming Home Tonight by First Aid Kit

Drunken Trees lyrics You're Not Coming Home Tonig...
Artist: First Aid Kit
EP: Drunken Trees (2009)

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Lyrics for You're Not Coming Home Tonig... by First Aid Kit

Yeah you cooked his dinners
You raised his children
Still he's not satisfied
He says "I'd rather switch with you
You don't know how hard it is
To work from 9 to 5".

But he speaks with his eyes closed
And even though you're not all alone
He's never there to be with you
And you remember when you were young
When life was new and it was fun
Now every corner's filled with dust.

But you're not coming home tonight.

You just took the train
And you left without a wave
Figured he'd never let you leave anyway
And now you're sitting on that train
Seeing life in a new way
And every forest sings a song.

One for the heartbroken lovers
And one for the dreamers
And then there's one just for you
The winds been humming on it all day
Ans the soil lies awake
Waiting for it's drum solo.

'cause you're not coming home tonight.

The ship is sailing
I'll meet you on the other side
The future's unclear
But hopefully it will be fine.

You're not coming home tonight.

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Home > First Aid Kit > You're Not Coming Home Tonig...

This song is part of album 'Drunken Trees'
Drunken Trees lyrics EP: Drunken Trees
Artist: First Aid Kit
Release: (2009)
  You're Not Coming Home Tonight

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