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Birth Of A Legion by Unearth

Watchers Of Rule lyrics Birth Of A Legion
Artist: Unearth
Album: Watchers Of Rule (2014)

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Lyrics for Birth Of A Legion by Unearth

We stand in flames to defend this home
Not one
None can defeat us
To pave the way for the new - the birth of a legion
So natural
The order falls
So natural
The end archaic
Dissension breeds within their hearts
The haunting calls of devastation
To stand this ground - stand our ground
A steadfast gathering
Blunt force to erase all that we've known
To witness this distance between us
Change of flame
The birth of a legion
You threw it all away.

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Home > Unearth > Birth Of A Legion

This song is part of album 'Watchers Of Rule'
Watchers Of Rule lyrics Album: Watchers Of Rule
Artist: Unearth
Release: (2014)
  Birth Of A Legion

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