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Burial Lines by Unearth

Watchers Of Rule lyrics Burial Lines
Artist: Unearth
Album: Watchers Of Rule (2014)


Lyrics for Burial Lines by Unearth

This cornerstone
A testament of worth
With razored claws that freeze the hands of delusion
Force feed a dream in a state of pure unrest
This cornerstone lines the stars never resting
No one can take it away
A life unresting
No one can take it away
I'll defend my kingdom
No one can take it away
Force feed this dream until I drown
No one can take it away
Now die my will unconquered
Through the bloodshed burials lines
A darkness waits for the night to come
Blood spilled while the watchers fall
Now face to face to defend my kingdom
With razored claws that freeze the hands of delusion
Not again I won't let this slip through my fingers
I'll keep running through
I've found my home lives at the rivers edge
I'll keep rushing through
Through the bloodshed burial lines
Face to face I defend my kingdom
Face to face.

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This song is part of album 'Watchers Of Rule'
Watchers Of Rule lyrics Album: Watchers Of Rule
Artist: Unearth
Release: (2014)
  Burial Lines

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