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Lifetime In Ruins by Unearth

Watchers Of Rule lyrics Lifetime In Ruins
Artist: Unearth
Album: Watchers Of Rule (2014)

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Lyrics for Lifetime In Ruins by Unearth

The clearest of lines seen for what it's worth
With all the missteps that lay before
The sins in the wake met at full sight
Invited, accepted these ruins of life
The cold constant breach - a pale serenity
Owned by the darkness that swallows the sun
Time to look deep in the heart of this rift
A consequence or a reason
It plays like a passion to sharpen the blade
Just dragging you deeper inside
Your pulse is breathing its life
A finite awakening
It cuts like a sword that's been kissed by the flame
Just dragging you deeper down
It drags you deeper- it's dragging you down
I know... [x3]
Lifetime in ruins
Ruins of life.

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Home > Unearth > Lifetime In Ruins

This song is part of album 'Watchers Of Rule'
Watchers Of Rule lyrics Album: Watchers Of Rule
Artist: Unearth
Release: (2014)
  Lifetime In Ruins

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