War Of Ages Song Lyrics - Ecstasy
Ecstasy - Song Lyrics - by War Of Ages

Supreme Chaos - War Of Ages lyrics

War Of Ages Song Lyrics

Artist: War Of Ages
Album: Supreme Chaos (2014)

The world we crave bleeds perfect blood
We suffer from freedom, in every choice we make
And every wound we seek.
We couldn't wait for perfect love,
Finding what we needed in a blink of an eye
And a turn of the page.

I feel like it's over
Enraged through my dying shame.

Burst, we burst through the cycle
The same song played over again
Screaming never again until my heart's content
Who will save me from myself?
The look on our face reeks of pleasure and pain
Masked in endless shame.

I gave her everything, she left me wrecked and on my back
I gave her everything, swallowed in hate that I created.

Supreme Chaos lyrics Artist: War Of Ages
Album: Supreme Chaos
Release: (2014)


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