War Of Ages Song Lyrics - Lionheart
Lionheart - Song Lyrics - by War Of Ages

Supreme Chaos - War Of Ages lyrics

War Of Ages Song Lyrics

Artist: War Of Ages
Album: Supreme Chaos (2014)

You feel the weight and then you burst through the strongholds
Tearing through flesh with the heart of a lion
We were built for war masked in pain as we scream out your name
With the heart of a lion we crave, we crave
I scream out your name, hear me.

Shed the weight from your past
Here is your chance to set this world on fire
Digging deep in the depths of your hell
Realize you were meant for so much more.

We are the revolution of a broken dream
The remnants of a wounded past
This belongs to us so don't claim it for yourself.

Are you afraid of us now?
Don't write us off when we fall
We are found in the battlefield holding our own
Son bring us home.

Where are your sons, where are your daughters?
Make a stand until the sky rains fire
We are we are the chosen.

Supreme Chaos lyrics Artist: War Of Ages
Album: Supreme Chaos
Release: (2014)


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