War Of Ages Song Lyrics - Lost In Apathy
Lost In Apathy - Song Lyrics - by War Of Ages

Supreme Chaos - War Of Ages lyrics

Lost In Apathy
War Of Ages Song Lyrics

Artist: War Of Ages
Album: Supreme Chaos (2014)

Our favor burns like embers in the wake of fallen men
Why won't you remember the vision that we had?

We are the face of a generation broken
Have mercy on us we hold the truth on the tips of our tongues
Cover me, you cover me.

I'm living life like I'm free again
Without a care in the world
I'm holding zero regrets
Not even god can save me.

Come rescue my soul
Don't let me rot in the grave like the rest
Come rescue my soul
God reach down to me.

I'm shedding light on our focus
What I see is the reaction to a nightmare
I said I would stay if you listen
Now you're gone and now you're gone.

We will fight
We are the voice of a nation.

Supreme Chaos lyrics Artist: War Of Ages
Album: Supreme Chaos
Release: (2014)

  Lost In Apathy

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