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Compass by Jonathan Thulin
Science Fiction lyrics Song: Compass
Artist: Jonathan Thulin
Album: Science Fiction (2015)
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I am drifting, a hundred million thoughts spent on the wrong thing
My connection, a hundred million miles the wrong direction.

Endless stars and endless space
The arrows are pointing all over the place
I'm an aeronaut
Navigation lost
Trekking through the universe
Never thought that I would be the one to give up first
Yeah, I must confess
Here's me s.o.s.

(I am, I am, I am)
I know that you're my constant
(I am, I am, I am)
Even when I lost it
(I am, I am, I am)
I'm chasing after you like a
Comp-comp- comp- compass
Comp-comp-comp- comp- comp-compass.

I have done this, teraformed my own sense of what truth is
Like a black a hole, crushing everything inside this black soul.

[Manwell reyes rap]
Never been this lost before
Gotta find my way back
Back track some more
With a back pack strapped to my back for sho
There's no looking back track through the black for gold
Now I know I come equipped with a gps
To see thee quest
My heart cryin' s.o.s.
I hate my mess
But still man I must confess
I can't digress
I'm chasing to see what's next
Staring at my life like a map
Tryin' to figure out where you at
Siri can you tell me how to get to the point where my future meets his best
And I tell you that's real.

Ett, tv?, tre, fyra (1, 2, 3, 4)
Copyright: [Unknown]
Writer(s): [Unknown]

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Science Fiction lyrics Artist: Jonathan Thulin
Album: Science Fiction
Release: (2015)