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Time Traveler by Jonathan Thulin
Science Fiction lyrics Song: Time Traveler
Artist: Jonathan Thulin
Album: Science Fiction (2015)
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There are so many things I know I could never change
When I rewind it all the pain seems to re-engage.

Was I right, was I wrong
Was I weak, was I strong
All of this goes through my head
But when I lose my mind trying to leave it behind
All the stars somehow align.

I'm running out of time
I know with you I'm infinite
Just when I think I'm gone
You come and clean the slate again
And wipe the past just like I'm a
Time traveler, time traveler
I'm in a whole new era
Time traveler, time traveler
You wipe the past just like I'm a time traveler.

I don't care if every man says it's fictional
Cause everything about you breaks through the typical.

I am in a dream
But it's reality
I can barely breathe.
Copyright: [Unknown]
Writer(s): [Unknown]

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Science Fiction lyrics Artist: Jonathan Thulin
Album: Science Fiction
Release: (2015)

  Time Traveler