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Mockingbird by Jonathan Thulin

Science Fiction lyrics Mockingbird
Artist: Jonathan Thulin
Album: Science Fiction (2015)


Lyrics for Mockingbird by Jonathan Thulin

Hiding in the shadows
A misfit, a mimic
We all want to be special
Created for something specific.

Life is so hard when you're feeling alone
Wondering where all the music has gone
Don't want to feel like a cheap imitation
Want to to believe I'm a lovely creation.

I am a mocking bird whose song has not been heard
My wings are clipped and burned
Can my fate ever be turned
Been living in a dream, but now it's time to leave
These wings have come unfurled
'cause I'm your mocking bird, bird.

Every note is stolen
The ballad of someone else
All of me is frozen
Forgotten on a shelf.

The fear has held me for too long
And now I'm taking off (now I'm taking time)
A brand new song for us to hum into the dead of night
I'll never go back again
We will never go back again.

I'm your mocking bird, whose song has now been heard
No longer clipped and burned
'cause my fate has now been turned
Living in a dream, a new reality
These wings have come unfurled
'cause I'm your mocking bird.

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This song is part of album 'Science Fiction'
Science Fiction lyrics Album: Science Fiction
Artist: Jonathan Thulin
Release: (2015)

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