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Hat Trick by Jonathan Thulin
Science Fiction lyrics Song: Hat Trick
Artist: Jonathan Thulin
Album: Science Fiction (2015)
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I'm like a magician
I'll alter your vision
You see what I want you to see
The truth is a stranger
No doubt I'm a danger
I'm not who I wanna be.

I'll mystify ya
(Tickle your ears, tickle your ears)
I'm like a phantom.

You don't want to see who I really am
So I'll be your perfect specimen
Say the right things that you want to hear
Make sure the real me disappears
Would you love me if you really knew it
Tell me what am I supposed to do
So pick a card, any card
Here comes the switch
When I fool you once fool you twice like a
Hat trick, hat trick, hat trick, trick, trick, trick (x3)
Hat trick, hat trick, hat trick, trick, trick, trick, trick.

Now follow me closely
Tell me what do you see
I'm gonna let take a peek
Master misdirection
I am a deception
I'm not who I wanna be.

[Derek minor's rap]
Now don't we all look perfect from this angle
You see a halo but I'm just criss angel
My, my, how we dress up all the mannequins
Praying you're impressed enough to buy what we are peddling
How many rabbits you have in a hat to pull through
'till you find bugs bunny it drive you looney tunes
Being yourself is hard to do daily
Being somebody else will drive you crazy (crazy)
Copyright: [Unknown]
Writer(s): [Unknown]

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Science Fiction lyrics Artist: Jonathan Thulin
Album: Science Fiction
Release: (2015)

  Hat Trick