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Carousel by The Rasmus

Playboys lyrics

Carousel lyrics

Artist: The Rasmus
Album: Playboys (1997)


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Groove it up, it's friday night
Time to have some fun, alright.
To know what's up, I gotta reach
N' pick up the phone.
Yeah the answer's always mick
My favourite band is having a gig.
What could be better idea, than to go to the club

Listen to me boy you have to be
18 to get inside!
N' there will be no talk about
Exceptions this time.

Damn that I wanna see this band
I'll be good, you understand. this is
A moment of my life, that I can't
Let go. I'm stealing in, it always
Works. yeah I know how to
Bluff those jerks. I can't
Hide my wide smile, when I
Think of his words.

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Playboys lyrics Artist: The Rasmus
Album: Playboys
Song: Carousel
Release: (1997)

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