The Rasmus Song Lyrics - Wicked Moments
Wicked Moments by The Rasmus

Playboys lyrics

Wicked Moments lyrics

Artist: The Rasmus
Album: Playboys (1997)


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I've got my moments, when I feel like...
I should be doing something else, yeah.
The voice of conscience says it ain't right.
With pleasure I would deal with somebody else...

I've got my wicked moments.

I play wicked games, I like wicked things like...
I'm not the only one, who thinks, that it's funny, yeah.
To have my moments, when I feel like...
I steal sunglasses, if the weather is sunny.

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Playboys lyrics Artist: The Rasmus
Album: Playboys
Song: Wicked Moments
Release: (1997)
  Wicked Moments

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