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Ice by The Rasmus

Playboys lyrics

Ice lyrics

Artist: The Rasmus
Album: Playboys (1997)


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I see you try to avoid me
You ain't so friendly
Cold like ice I can see what that means

Let me explain first why I haven't been around
I let you know why I haven't seen you everyday
Been busy with the band if you know what that means

I heard your'e talking things about me
Building barricades around me
So real friendship
Wasn't real at all it seems

And if it's so that you're talking shit behind my back
I'll let you know I can fight back in the cruelest way
So I'm asking for peace, if you know what that means

Say it again if you want to depress me
Say it again go ahead
I feel nothing [x2]

You wanna say something to me
Come and say something to me
What is wrong with you may I ask

And if it's so...

Say it again... [x2]

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Playboys lyrics Artist: The Rasmus
Album: Playboys
Song: Ice
Release: (1997)

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