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Kola by The Rasmus

Playboys lyrics

Kola lyrics

Artist: The Rasmus
Album: Playboys (1997)


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Yes, yes, yes, things're gonna be fine,
When the sky is my cover, a big yellow ball,
The sun is my lover.
I take my skateboard n' my good feeling with me,
I'm heading to a place where I can get the
Sun on my face.
I'm leaving my house n' my mouse
N' all my stuff 'cos I've had enough, yah!
I just wanna be close to the sun
N' that's all folks.
I wanna burn my skin in the heat.
I wanna be bare-footed,
My throat feels dry, n' I cannot speak,
No matter how much I try.
Of this moment I'm learning,
That I'd better stay cool
To avoid the burning!

Kola with ice would be nice,
Come n' get it!
Kola! it's a fact that I need it.
Kola with ice.

Well, well, well, it's hot like hell, yo,
I kick off my shoes, yah, I'll survive
Without my shoes, well back to fact,
I ain't turning back - I'm looking for a kola.
I'll open up the can, can,
Gonna drink it down, down.
I'm in the middle of a desert now,
Go to the shop said a boy,
Take a left from the corner...
I'm gonna make a list,
What I'm gonna order
How can I get to the shop
In this heat, when the street
Under my feet is burning, yah,
Of this moment I'm learning
That I'd better stay cool
To avoid the burning!

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Playboys lyrics Artist: The Rasmus
Album: Playboys
Song: Kola
Release: (1997)

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